NewAge has built a portfolio of high quality oil and gas assets in seven countries, five of which are in sub-Saharan Africa.

Since our inception in 2007, NewAge has made twelve commercial discoveries - six oil fields and six gas fields. Our first production began in December 2014 and we are currently producing from the Aje field in Nigeria, the Shewashan field in Kurdistan and two fields in Congo-Brazzaville, Nene Marine and Litchendjili.

NewAge operates the majority of its assets. Where we are not the operator, we are an active participant engaging with the operator throughout the development process to deliver outcomes that optimise value.

Etinde, Cameroon

NewAge interest 37.5% (operator) Partners Lukoil (37.5%)
Euroil (Bowleven) (25%)

Marine III, Congo-Brazzaville

NewAge interest 75% (operator) Partners SNPC (25%)

Marine XII, Congo-Brazzaville

NewAge M12 Holdings Ltd interest 25% Discoveries Litchendjili, Nene, Minsala, NKala PartnersENI (65%)
SNPC (10%)

Algoa/Gamtoos, South Africa

NewAge interest 50% (operator) PartnersTower Resources (50%)

Ogaden, Ethiopia

NewAge interest 100% (operator) 

Adigala, Ethiopia

NewAge interest 100% (operator) 

Shewashan, Kurdistan

NewAge interest 60.04% (operator) via equity in GPK (80%) Partners KRG (20%)

Foum Ognit, Morocco

NewAge interest 75% (operator) PartnersONHYM (25%)

Aje Field, Nigeria

NewAge interest 24.06%  Partners YFP (41.875%)
EER (16.875%)
Panoro (12.19%)
MX Oil (5%)

Marine III

NewAge interest 50% (operator) Partners SNPC (50%)


Balance and risk mitigation

Our portfolio is balanced through a mix of geographical and geological diversification with projects at different stages of their life-cycle.

Pipeline of key developments

  • Litchendjili (Marine XII, Congo)
  • Nene (Marine XII, Congo)
  • Etinde (Cameroon)
  • Aje (OML113, Nigeria)
  • Shewashan (Kurdistan)

Current and near-term production

  • First production in 2014
  • Four fields currently on stream
  • Assets capable of producing over 90,000 boepd

Reserves and resources

(Company estimates at end 2015)