Build a portfolio of high quality oil and gas assets in emerging, undervalued regions, with limited historical exploration, then commercialize


Missed opportunities in selected underexplored basins, first-in or early entry opportunities, value added through the drill bit


Move early for upside opportunities, develop resources at optimal costs, seek high value solutions e.g. LNG, project manage for capex efficiency


Maximise returns, operate cost effectively, look to extend life-of-field, operational excellence


Our strategy is to build a portfolio of high quality oil and gas assets in emerging, undervalued regions with limited historical exploration. We then commercialise or monetise these to achieve maximum return for our shareholders, business partners and host governments.

NewAge strives to add value at each stage of the upstream value chain, from exploration through appraisal and development to production. Rigorous evaluation is an integral part of our portfolio management process. It is applied at each stage of an asset's transition through the value chain to determine how optimal value is best achieved.

Why Sub-Saharan Africa?

At NewAge, our exploration strategy seeks to balance risk and reward. We do this primarily by looking for high quality opportunities in and around known petroleum basins that others have missed or disregarded.

Secondly we position ourselves in selected unexplored basins, for the opportunity to discover new oil and gas plays. This is a unique advantage that Africa has over the rest of the world.

Our focus is on three key areas:

  • Near-field opportunities in West Africa
  • Early or first-in opportunities in the offshore rift and transform margins
  • Early or first-in opportunities in onshore rift basins


Our core strength is the skill, drive and creativity of our people and the strategic relationships they have built through long experience in the oil and gas industry. The senior management team are also founders of the business which means there has been consistency of strategy since day one.

Our core strengths:

  • Proven management team with global full-cycle industry experience
  • Strategy anchored by strong governance and responsibility
  • Strong regional relationships and local knowledge
  • Near-term cash flow from high quality discoveries under development
  • Multiple large exploration and appraisal opportunities