NewAge is committed to meeting four non-negotiable standards of business conduct, breaches of which will not be tolerated:

  • Maintaining the highest standards of business conduct and ethics
  • Complying fully with all applicable government laws rules and regulations
  • Meeting all applicable corporate reporting and disclosure requirements
  • Complying with all applicable accounting practices and controls, and their associated auditing procedures and fraud prevention measures

To deliver on these commitments, we set out the standards of behaviour expected by the company of all employees, business partners and contractors. These are defined in a Code of Conduct.

Those who work for NewAge, either directly or indirectly, are obliged to:

  • Conduct their work in a straightforward, honest and sincere way
  • Avoid improper personal benefits as a result of the Company's position
  • Ensure individual interests do not interfere with the Company's interests
  • Deal fairly and honestly with Company stakeholders
  • Carry out work to the highest technical and professional standards
  • Refrain from any action or conduct that might discredit the Company

Detailed provisions to prevent bribery, corruption and money laundering are set out in a Compliance Policy that addresses these specific areas.