NewAge is committed to strong corporate governance. It is central to who we are and what we do; guiding the behaviour we believe adds value and supports successful execution of our strategy.

NewAge is committed to strong corporate governance and has:

    • An experienced Board with clear direction and accountability

    • Board Committees with oversight accountability for:
      • Auditing to full International Financial Reporting Standards
      • Management and board performance
      • Compliance and governance
    • Internal controls to support delivery of long-term shareholder value in line with responsible assessment and reduction of risk, and ethical standards for financial reporting


  • A Code of Conduct to set behaviour expectations to:
    • Maintain vigilance throughout all transactional and reporting activities
    • Comply with international laws and conventions governing financial controls and reporting, anti-corruption and money laundering
    • Deal fairly, honestly and openly with shareholders, business partners, host governments, suppliers and community stakeholders
    • Ensure individual interests do not interfere with Company interests
    • Ensure illegal payments are neither made nor accepted
    • Provide a work environment where employees or others working for us feel comfortable raising policy infringements or other concerns


Currently, apart from the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer, all the other board members are non-executive directors from a wide range of energy, investment and financial concerns.

The Board currently has four standing committees namely Audit and Risk, Remuneration, Technical, and Compliance, Governance and Reserves, each of which has the right to engage independent counsel and advice as deemed necessary.