NewAge has a strong commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), recognising that building and maintaining good relationships with local communities, governments and other interested stakeholders is crucial to our business. The effective management of social performance is based upon:

  • Strong leadership commitment to delivering meaningful social and economic contribution in communities and countries where we operate
  • Encouraging and promoting investments in the local community that stimulate employment, improve welfare and support local businesses
  • Compliance with all relevant legislation and application of industry best practice
  • Consulting and responding to the concerns of communities and other stakeholders interested or affected by our operations
  • Recognising the importance of preserving cultural heritage and protecting the environment for future generations
  • Measuring compliance with this CSR policy through scheduled audits and periodic management reviews



NewAge has had a significant impact on the El Kuran community. Consultations with district authorities and elders of the local communities identified a key social priority – high school education. A single overcrowded primary school represented the only access to education for the community. The school’s infrastructure was inadequate; many classes had to be held outside and there was little or no equipment to support teaching. The nearest high school was over 50 km away, which meant further education was out of the question for most children.
NewAge embarked on a project to design and build a new school that would deliver high school education and alleviate the overcrowding in the primary school. The new school included a library, science laboratory, furnishings and equipment to support teachers and pupils. A local construction company, employing a local workforce, was commissioned to build the school, providing further benefit to the local community.

New African Global Energy - Ethiopia School Handover
Hand over day - School completed

More than 400 students have enrolled in the new school since it was completed in July 2014 and for the first time the children of El Kuran are receiving a high school education in their own village. Feedback from the local community is positive.

New African Global Energy - Student Classroom Ethiopia
A typical classroom

District authorities and regional government are delighted with the success of the project and are funding additional teaching staff. New Age has sponsored additional community initiatives including an access road to the new school and a football field.

South Africa

NewAge has been supporting a research project to assess the potential impact of seismic and other human activities on the movement, productivity and survival of African penguins in the Algoa Bay area.


NewAge assisted with the repair and improvement of village roads in Ashti, under the supervision of the Taq Taq municipality engineer. A total of 12km of roads were widened, refurbished with new gravel, levelled and compacted.