NewAge views Congo-Brazzaville as an under-valued proven oil and gas province with near-term production opportunities and attractive upside potential.

NewAge has taken positions in two offshore oil and gas licences, namely Marine XII and Marine III. Resource composition for these assets is approximately 55 % oil / 45 % gas.

Since 2010, the Marine XII joint venture has led a highly successful exploration and appraisal campaign, yielding three oil and three gas discoveries in four development permits. Marine XII is now established as a world class asset and approaching the major phase of development.
The Nene and Litchendjili phased early production has helped reduce uncertainty and multiple further development sanctions are planned in the near-term. First production from the Litchendjili field was achieved in July 2015.  A successful early oil development of the Nene field resulted in first oil at the end of 2014, just eight months after obtaining the production permit and 16 months from discovery. Nene is a phased development with Phase 1 and Phase 2A completed and Phase 2B scheduled for the second half of 2019.

Marine XII Development

Conceptual full field development plan

Congo B  – Litchendjili Platform

Litchendjili jacket installation

Litchendjili onshore plant

Litchendjili control room

Nene well 401 with frac boat

Congo-Brazzaville Marine XII
(Litchendjili, Nene, NKala, Minsala PEX areas)
Marine III
Operator Eni (65%) NewAge Congo (75%)
Other participants NewAge M12 Holdings (25%)
SNPC (10%)
SNPC (25%)
Discoveries Litchendjili, Nene, Minsala, NKala
Work programme Ongoing field development/appraisal activities.
Appraisal and development drilling.
Field development and production.
Exploration / Ocean
Bottom Cable Survey
OBC Seismic – completed
Further conventional 3D seismic planned in 2019, with an exploration well in 2019/2020
Further appraisal of the Marine III block is planned.


Marine XII

  • First oil production on stream in 2014
  • Located 10 – 40km offshore on the Congo shelf in shallow water (15 – 90m)
  • 38+ sidetrack wells drilled since 1972, plus full 3D seismic
  • 3 oil discoveries (Litchendjili, Nene and Minsala (formerly Louvessi)
  • 3 gas discoveries (Litchendjili, Nene and NKala)

Oil and gas discoveries in Marine XII

Litchendjili Field

  • Oil and gas discovery
  • Gas cap fully defined with excellent productivity
  • Oil proven to extend to east and west flanks
  • Phased development with ongoing appraisal:
  • Phase 1 first production in 2015
  • Initial producer well drilled in 2014
  • Operator progressing Litchendjili phased oil development

Nene Field

  • Oil and gas discovery
  • Nene Marina 1 proved gas with a large oil column
  • Initial development tested via Nene early production scheme (AEP)
    – First oil achieved in December 2014
    – Two oil wells tied back to Zatchi platform
  • Phase 1 (3 wells) completed
  • Phase 2A (14 wells) completed in 2019
  • Phase 2B (5 wells) FID expected during 2019

Minsala Field

  • Oil discovery (2014)
  • Minsala-1 well flowed 4,840 bopd on DST
  • PEX awarded in 2017
  • Appraisal expected 2020

NKala Field

  • Gas discovery (2015)
  • Intersected 95m net pay, tested gas and condensate
  • Potential for down dip oil leg
  • PEX awarded in 2017
  • Appraisal well planned in 2020

Marine III

    • Consists of two separate license blocks Marine IIIa and MIIIb
    • Both Blocks lie between Marine XII and the coast
    • 3D Ocean-Bottom Cable seismic survey completed 2014 over MIIIa
    • Regional Gravity survey completed to image structures in the near shore area where seismic is difficult to acquire
    • Further seismic planned for 2019, over both Marine III areas
    • Proven Plays in Marine XII identified in Marine III, shallower prospectivity also exists
    • Exploration drilling planned spud 2020, one well could test multiple plays

A number of leads have been defined within Marine III

New Age in Congo-Brazaville

Marine XII

Marine XII farm-in for 25% interest2012
Nene-1 discovery well drilled
Litchendjili field development plan approved
Litchendjili Final Investment Decision
Nene-2 exploration well tested
Litchendjili-6 well tested
Nene-3 exploration well tested
Nene field early development plan approved
Nene early development Final Development Decision
Minsala-1 exploration well makes significant oil discovery
Nene first oil production
Litchendjili Phase 1 first production2016
First oil Phase 2A2017
Minsala and Nkala Development Permits issued2019
Phase 2A complete

Marine III

MIII licence awarded2016
OBC Seismic acquired / airborne gravity and magnetics acquired
Enter 3rd Phase Exploration