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Social Responsibility

NewAge has a strong commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), recognising that building and maintaining good relationships with local communities, governments and other interested stakeholders is crucial to our business.

Effective management of CSR

  • Strong leadership commitment to delivering meaningful social and economic contribution in communities where we operate
  • Encouraging and promoting investments in the local community that stimulate employment, improve welfare and support local businesses
  • Consulting and responding to the concerns of communities and other stakeholders affected by, or in proximity to, our operations
  • Compliance with good international industry practice (GIIP)
  • Recognising the importance of preserving cultural heritage and protecting the environment for future generations
  • Measuring compliance with this CSR policy through scheduled audits and periodic management reviews

Selected Projects

The opening ceremony of the new women’s shelter at Madingou, Congo Brazzaville
See case study

El Kuran school in Ethiopia
See case study

The opening of the Madhar Health Centre, Ethiopia

School in Eyenge, Cameroon