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Responsibility overview

Responsible behaviour is a prerequisite for our business and the relationships on which our success is built.

At the heart of our approach to corporate responsibility is the way NewAge works with others.

Our aim is to safeguard the interests of all our stakeholders and benefit the local communities where we operate by a commitment to our core company values.


Work to the highest standards of business ethics and integrity, and expect the same of our business partners

Operate within the letter and spirit of the law


Accept that leadership is the responsibility of everyone in the Company

Accept personal accountability for what we do

Conduct ourselves as if the Company’s assets were our own

High performance

Be strategically focused in all that we do

Drive to deliver a strong return to our shareholders

Focus on what adds value and the relationships on which our success is built

Seek ways our presence can contribute positively to local development


Respect the people we work with and those we deal with in conducting our business

Respect the places and cultures where we operate

Strive to avoid harm to people and the environment from our activities